Your first visit with us -­ the various stages

1. Your medical history is taken down, and any data that may already exist as well as existing patient records are evaluated to get as good a picture as possible and to be sure whether or how we can help you. 

Wirbelsäulenscan als Grundlage für weitere chiropraktische Behandlung

2. By means of the Insight Millennium Scan® – a device co-developed by NASA that allows us to collect objective data to assess the state of your spinal column and nervous system – important information about your autonomic, vegetative and motor system and about your muscular system is collected and evaluated. 

We also check: 

  • whether and where there are nerve malfunctions 
  • how well or poorly your nervous system is currently functioning 
  • whether and where there is any muscular tenseness 
  • where we can measure any temperature differences 
  • the effectiveness of your body’s energy budget 

The absolutely painless scanning is also ideally suited for children, pregnant women and seniors. Neither needles, electric impulses nor radiation or the like are being used. 

3. You get your first physical examination. Being examined manually allows us to detect dysfunctions in your body that cannot be detected in this form through the use of static imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT or MRI scans.

4. In a detailed consultation, we will explain the scan results to you in a language you can understand and whether and how the treatment can lead to the desired goal. 

5. The first treatment (if desired). Here, the therapist pays close attention to how fast your body can adjust to new ideas and information. Then your treatment plan is drawn up – based on the final findings and in consultation with you. 

At the heart of the treatment is the targeted manual mobilization of blocked joints, the so-called adjustment. Here, the affected joint is moved within its anatomical is boundaries by applying a highly precise impulse. Misalignments can also affect cranial, pelvic or foot bones. Since stress has a negative effect, you don’t need to make appointments for your further treatments! 

Your treatment plan -­ The 3 phases of American Chiropractic

Most often, you have acquired your misalignments and poor posture over years and decades. The adjustments based on American Chiropractic always build on each other, similar to a training plan or when wearing braces for your teeth. The regularity of treatment is just as important as the treatment itself.

Your treatment plan always calls for 3 phases. The duration of each individual phase may vary. The longer a misalignment has existed and the more complicated it is, the longer it will take for your nervous system to no longer follow the old patterns and for your complaints to disappear.  

We will give you an approximate estimate of how many appointments you need during your first appointment for an individual examination and treatment at our practice. Regular intermediate examinations (rescans) will give you and us an idea about your progress. 

  • 1) Correctional Phase

    You get treatments to ensure that your body can work again without discomfort as quickly as possible. During this phase, the necessary adjustments are made and the mobility of your spine and body parts is restored.

  • 2) Stabilization Phase

    This is the stage of "fine tuning". The treatment frequency is reduced to create more stability and to allow your body to manage without external aid in the future. The aim is that can lead your life and pursue your hobbies again without any limitations.

  • 3) Prevention Phase

    Once you have regained your maximum quality of life, you should continue to give your body the support it needs by regularly coming for a checkup. Since we are exposed to varying stresses in our daily lives which can cause new tensions and blockages in our spine, we cannot guarantee that you will remain symptom-free or that you will never have to come for a treatment again. That's why a regular checkup is very useful to ensure that a new misalignment doesn’t become a permanent condition and won’t cause discomfort. The interval between checkups are different from individual to individual and depend on your condition and age.

It's like going to the dentist; if you only go for a checkup every few years, the treatment will take much longer, is more expensive and the problems are usually bigger. Prevention is always the better option.

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